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My Granny Polder taught me how to crochet when I was about 6 or 7 years old. She would come to our house for a visit and bring baskets of different colored yarn, crochet hooks, and patterns. My brothers and sisters and I would gather around and she would start each of us on a project. She was so patient with all of the little kids and always seamed to get so much satisfaction out of our enthusiasm to learn from her! I've always loved being creative and handcrafting gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas. I'd say it's safe to say that my love for working with my hands came from the people like my Granny Polder who took the time and patience to teach little children how to do something new and get excited about it!

In early 2021 I finally made the plunge and started my own business (located in Virginia, USA) and The Handcrafted Home was born. I opened an Instagram account and started listing my crocheted Scrunchy Throws, delicate cotton lace, and baby blankets. I later opened my own website and since then have shipped my Scrunchy Throws across the United Stated and Canada!

After years and years of battling cancer, my Granny Polder went to heaven in March 2020... I know she's beyond happy with Jesus, but I wish she was here to see me use what she taught me as a little girl to grow a business that I hope one day will help support my own family. I love you Granny Polder! 

~ Rebekah Polder

Learn more about my small business by following along on Instagram at @the.handcrafted.home 

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